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Creating Awareness, Applying Preventative Measures & Surviving


Unfortunately in today’s world armed hold-ups are a fact of life. If your staff members are potentially at risk from aggressive clients, armed hold-ups or hostage taking, we can offer you an excellent training course.

Although profits must always be foremost in the mind of most businesses, risk management (or the lack  of  it)  is  often  one  of  the ways  that  businesses  are  judged  by  clients,  potential  clients, shareholders  and  the public. Humanitarian  concerns  for  staff are always high  on  the  agenda  of responsible  organisations.    Risk  management  strategies  should  be  in  place  to  prevent  and  manage armed  hold  ups.    These  strategies  can  prevent  an  armed  hold  up  or  alternately  make  the difference between what  will  always  be an  awful,  frightening  experience  and  one  that  permanently and psychologically  traumatizes  staff.    Many  people  experiencing  armed  hold  up  can  be  so psychologically  scarred  that  they  may  never  be  able  to  return  to  work.    There  are  of  course  also occupational  Health  and  Safety  issues  at  stake,  such  as  duty  of  care  as  well  as  civil  litigation considerations.


With  the  increased  worldwide  concerns  of  terrorism, and  drug  dependent  people ‘cash  rich’ businesses are always a potential target for armed hold up.  With agendas that are difficult for most people  to  understand  these  people will  have  no  second  thoughts  about  using  whatever  violence  is necessary  to  attain  the  funds  they  require.    Drug  dependent  offenders’ minds  are  often  so severely affected that they do not operate in a normal rational manner.  The desperation for their next ‘fix’ means that they also will go to any lengths to achieve their objectives.  Strategies to prevent armed hold ups are another way for businesses to practice effective risk management.


To prepare staff to effectively evaluate suspicious behaviour, situations and people through continual and  vigilant  awareness,  effectively  applying  all  risk  management  preventative  measures  and understanding survival techniques in the event of armed holdup.  


·        Prevention of armed hold ups through:

·        Defining and understanding hazards and risks

·        Hazard and risk assessment and awareness

·        Hazard and risk reduction – determining controls measures and their assessment

·        Internal and external security concerns

·        Survival of Armed Holdups through:

·        Remaining calm and deliberate

·        Being deliberate in all actions

·        Following instructions

·        Not trying to be a hero

·        Observe and collate

·        Offender Description Forms

·        Individual and team recovery strategies

 Fees and Facilitation

This 2 hour course is professionally facilitated by Owen Godfrey, an SA Police Officer for 16 years including  12  years  in  STAR  (Special  Tasks  and  Rescue)  Force and 6.5  years duty  with  the  Special Forces counter-terrorism training  team that  operated  in  over  30  countries.   The  unique practical experiences of armed hold up prevention and survival cannot be duplicated anywhere in Australia.  

 Course resources include:

·        Presentation on Microsoft Powerpoint, 

·        Comprehensive  video  presentation  illustrating dramatised  re-enactments  of  armed  hold  ups  and

·        presents visual information designed to encourage group discussion,

·        We also include comprehensive information on emergency evacuation strategies with this course,

·        5 copies of full colour bound workbook are provided, 

·        Appropriate props.

 This course has been designed to meet the specific needs of hotel and club clients so that knowledge transfer and implementation can occur in a effective manner.

 Fee is just $900(+gst) for a group of up to 30 participants



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