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We provide an excellent auditing and consulting service to ensure clients have the fire safety systems that match their business risk profile (AS2444) and compliance with AS4655 (Fire Safety Audits). Our advice is based on many years experience in providing clients with the advice that is right for them by highly qualified OH&S and Fire Systems Design staff. We do NOT aim to cause clients to overspend by oversupplying unneeded fire extinguishers or other fire protection equipment.

In many organisations that we audit we have found:

  • way too many fire extinguishers,
  • fire extinguishers of the wrong type that could cause either serious injury or unnecessary property damage,
  • smoke and thermal detection systems that have not been serviced to Australian Standards,
  • annual smoke and thermal testing that has not been undertaken either at all, or for many years or not to Australian Standards
  • expensive sprinker rooms in a filthy condition
  • sprinkler tests that have obviously been faked
  • training that does not comply with the learning outcomes required by AS3745 (ECO's) or no staff training has been undertaken at all 
  • hydrant and sprinkler boosters that have not had their required flow and pressure tests performed or tested with inadequate equipment such as a Fire Engine

 Although many clients feel that these are unimportant issues, fires DO occur and when they occur insurance companies will require documentation on all legislated tests.  If these are not available from you, your supplier or in many cases correctly lodged with the Fire Service the insurance company may 'negotiate' your payout.  This can cost organisations a lot of money. Our professional Fire Safety Audit will ensure that your fire safety equipment is set up according to Australian Standard 2444 and your servicing is according to AS1851. We supply a professional full colour bound report with scanned in digital photographs. We give you cost effective advice on how to comply. This is a service that many organisations both large and small have benefitted from because we know what to look for at every site.  Call us 8278 3588 to arrange a consultation.



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