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Safe Working in Confined Spaces


To address all relevant legislation and codes of practice to ensure that entry to, operation and rescue in confined spaces is professionally prepared and practiced in a safe manner.


  • Responsibilities of employers, employees and others;
  • Understanding responsibilities under legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards
  • Consultation and employee involvement;
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment;
  • Heirachy of risk control, personal protection equipment and rescue resources
  • Information, instruction, supervision and training;
  • Monitoring; record keeping, entry permits, hot work permits 
  • Practical exercises and instruction in operating safety in confined spaces

Expected Outcomes

  • Identify confined spaces and the hazards likely to be encountered therein
  • Describe the health and safety effects relating to confined spaces
  • Understand workplace health and safety legislation as it applies to confined spaces
  • Recognise the need for conducting an atmospheric evaluation
  • Determine the safety equipment that will need to be used in a confined space
  • Assess risks relating to working in confined spaces and associated tasks in the workplace
  • Control risks such as correct isolation procedures relating to working in confined spaces
  • Identify and demonstrate the correct selection, use and maintenance of safety and rescue equipment required for safe working in confined spaces
  • Communicate and consult regarding the implementation of the confined spaces management program in the workplace
  • Design a management program for safe working and rescue in confined spaces
  • The duties and operations of standby crews

Fees and facilitation

  • All courses are individually designed for each client and are therefore always conducted on client's sites to enable participants to identify their unique hazards and procedures.
  • Participants become highly proficient in identifying issues specific to planning, safe operations and rescue.
  • Additionally client's equipment is always used to ensure proficiency in operational procedures.
  • We also stock a large range of equipment for purchase by clients
  • We suggest that all confined space operators undertake the same course so that information interchange and brainstorming activities can occur. In this way clients discover that the training achieves far more and is also a great team-building opportunity.
  • Site-specific, colour, competency-based workbooks are prepared and provided to participants
  • Courses are conducted via laptop computer (Microsoft Powerpoint) and data projector
  • Two excellent up-to-date DVD's 30 minutes each with discussion
  • Course duration 1 day: usually 9am - 4 pm but always to suit client's needs
  • $220 per person with a minimum of 6 participants in each course



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