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We design, supply, install and commission fixed fire protection systems. We also provide smoke and fire detection alarms and fire alarm control panels that can be linked to the extinguishing systems. The extensive experience of our staff covers all aspects of fire protection ranging from small offices to warehouses and nursing homes


Our Servicing technicians are exceptional. They treat every client’s site as though it was their own site. All technicians undertake a due diligence and fire safety evaluation every time they attend at your worksite to ensure you are aware of potential problems before they occur. In this way you are protected from any issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. We also have a Rapid Response Team that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We also uniquely assist organisations to, where possible be able to undertake minor checks of their equipment to both reduce their servicing costs and better understand their site systems. This often means that call outs can be avoided and technicians can respond in ordinary working hours to rectify minor faults. We always give honest quotations for our servicing so that there are no surprises! We undertake installation, repair and maintenance work to the following existing systems, including the following:

  • Sprinkler Systems,
  • Fire Pump sets,
  • Fixed Fire Suppression systems
  • Fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hydrants
  • Smoke and Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Doors and Compartmentation
  • Early Warning Systems (like VESDA)
  • Wall Wetting Sprinklers
  • Refilling and pressure testing of fire extinguishers including Wet Chemical, carbon dioxide, dry powder and Foam
  • Flow testing and booster overhauls

To undertake flow testing in the appropriate manner we have a heavy duty fire pumper previously owned by the Melbourne Fire Brigade. We use this fully operational fire appliance to realistically test hydrant and sprinkler booster systems. We can uniquely replicate exactly the stress that will be placed on your system if a fire occurs and it is necessary for the fire service to hook up their pumper. We do NOT advocate the use of ‘twin impeller’ pumps that in no way replicate the stress of a real fire engine. Even though we have made this large investment in your safety inspections and testing procedure we are still able to offer our clients extremely competitive rates.

In summary we will ensure you have a safe work environment and provide cost effective timely service and professional advice regarding on the placement and types of fire extinguishers needed to ensure compliance with Australian Standards 2444. We provide only the highest quality fire extinguishers and we can test, repair and even pressure test certain fire extinguishers on site.

We take our servicing of your equipment very seriously. We uniquely tell clients if they have:

  • too many fire extinguishers for the size of their premises or needs,
  • fire extinguishers that are either inappropriate or dangerous to have in certain places,
  • fire extinguishers that have been incorrectly or improperly mounted
  • fire extinguishers that need more adequate protection in harsh areas.

We also have staff who can assist draw up excellent evacuation plans that comply with the important aspects of AS3745.



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