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Emergency Procedures Manuals

An important function and critical element of managing emergencies is the development, establishment and documentation of emergency procedures for each worksite so that all staff are fully aware of what their duties and responses are. This includes the development of a site-specific emergency procedures manual.

Our client Emergency Procedures Manuals (EPM) are not generic productions. Our trained and experienced staff will visit your worksite, take a large number of digital photographs and use these photos in your fully personalised full colour EPM. The EPM is structured to ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS3745 as well as relevant State regulations. The EPMl combined with professional training will ensure you meet your legal responsibilities and liabilities under Occupational Health and Safety laws as well as your moral obligations to your staff, clients and contractors.

Contents of Manuals

Our client Emergency Procedures Manuals are be written in accordance with AS3745 and details the following:

  • The profile of your building
  • Human resources information
  • Emergency systems profile (i.e. fire systems installed)
  • Building emergency response structure (ECO)
  • Fire and evacuation procedures including:
    • Chief and Deputy Chief Warden and warden responsibilities and procedures
    • Area Wardens / Wardens responsibilities and procedures
    • General staff procedures and responsibilities
    • After hours procedures (ie minimal staff)
    • Fire fighting equipment (types and method of operation)
    • Preventing emergencies
    • Bomb threat procedures
    • Internal emergency procedures
    • External emergency procedures
    • Medical emergency 
    • Procedures for special situations may include evacuating people with disabilities, unconscious people, people refusing to leave, gas leaks, armed intrusion and hold-up and civil disobedience.

Evacuation plans

Building owners and occupiers have an obligation to provide evacuation plans. These plans assist staff, visitors and contractors in their evacuation of the premise and the identification of any other hazards, if required. Evacuation plans can show evacuation routes, the location of fire fighting equipment and other significant information. The plans can be provided in a number of increasingly complex formats. We usually advise clients to keep their plans simple and easy to read and understand as these will be used in a situation of impending emergency. We always visit client's sites and make our recommendations and discuss your perceived needs regarding the exact plans that are most suitable for your requirements. Evacuation plans printed in high resolution (A4 or A3) on high quality cartridge stock, laminated and mounted on a hard backing and installed by professional staff in areas such as entrances, lobbies / foyers, fire exits and conference rooms as well as in the general office and workshop areas.

We can also assist clients with simple and easy to understand hazard signs and emergency flip charts dependent upon the workplace requirements and situation.



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