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Evacuation Training



The 'Evacuation Training' course places a specific emphasis on the criteria for evacuation and gives practical and useable advice regarding issues particular to individual worksites. This advice may include evacuation plans, exit and emergency lighting, safe exit routes, the use of fire suppression equipment, safe assembly areas and housekeeping that may have an effect on a successful evacuation. Staff are instructed on how to undertake an evacuation exercises that comply with AS3745.


To inform and practice all staff in effective workplace evacuation preparation and methodology to ensure the workplace complies with both the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act and Australian Standard 3745.


  • 15 minute video industry specific DVD
  • Housekeeping issues in the workplace
  • Placement and accessibility of fire fighting equipment
  • The triangle of fire and the classification of fires
  • Explanation of theory and use of fire fighting equipment (& fire hose if applicable)
  • Explanation of the types of extinguishers in the workplace and their application
  • Evacuation and invacuation strategies
  • Evacuations involving bomb threats
  • Evacuations and lockdown created by the presence of potentially violent people

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand and apply requirements for a safe work place as defined by the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act
  • Identify the correct approach to undertaking evacuation drills
  • Understand how proper evacuation drills correlate with the requirements of Australian Standard 3745
  • Recognise appropriate emergency responses when dealing with potentially violent people
  • Distinguish the various and different strategies and criteria for handling bomb threats
  • Understand how to handle people who start to panic
  • Understand the methodology, requirements and practical analysis of successful evacuation drills

Fees and Facilitation

  • Courses are facilitated at client's worksites
  • Duration is about 90 minutes
  • Each worksite is issued with a certificate of completion 
  • The fee is $620(+gst)




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