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Fire Extinguisher Course



This course is actually titled 'Fire Safety and Emergency Response' course.  It provides participants much more than the usual fire extinguisher training and ensures worksites will have sufficient staff who can instantly respond to any emergency. It is an abridged version of the Fire Warden course including identifying the classes of fire and correctly use a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket and a fire hose reel (if applicable) as required by the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act Regulations and Australian Standard 3745 (ECO) as well as practical advice on handling many other emergencies. We also provide helpful advice on home fire safety issues. We email you a number of information flyers that provide information on both work and home fire safety and auditing issues.


To ensure worksites have sufficient trained line staff to respond to any worksite emergency and are fire safe at home.


  • The triangle of fire and the classification of fires
  • Explanation of the theory and use of fire fighting equipment
  • Use of fire fighting equipment (including a fire hose reel where applicable) on a real controlled fire - see below * 
  • Explanation of the types of extinguishers in the workplace and their proper application
  • Evacuation and the use of fire fighting equipment
  • Invacuation (lock down) strategies for worksites
  • Bomb threats and their management
  • Dealing with potentially violent people

We can also provide an excellent free Powerpoint CD presentation 'Fire Safety and Emergency Response' that can serve as a superb revisionary tool.

Expected Outcomes

  • Identify the correct selection, placement and storage of fire fighting equipment.
  • Point out the inherant dangers of some fire extinguishers
  • Understand how combustion occurs and is stopped.
  • Demonstrate the ability to extinguish a real (controlled) fire with the appropriate fire extinguisher and fire blanket and fire hose reel operation (where applicable).
  • Understand management strategies for handling a diverse range of emergencies.
  • Ensure participants are fire safe at home

Fees and Facilitation

  • Courses are facilitated at clients' worksites at a time convenient to clients;
  • Clients may combine with other worksites where numbers do not support a full course
  • Duration is about one and a quarter hours.
  • An area of about 7 metres square is required for fire fighting training.
  • The fee for up to 15 participants is $625 & includes all extinguisher refills and we do bring our own to your site.
  • The fee for extra participants is $20 per person.
  • There may be a small travelling charge for some country areas (50km+ from the GPO)
  • Participants are issued with a Certificate of Completion.

 *(We use a real fire so that participants gain the proper experience of extinguishing a fire. We do NOT undertake 'dry' firing of extinguishers i.e. squirting fire extinguishers into the air or onto the ground, nor do we use a 'gas ring' type devices or use TV and make out fire extinguishers. These processes do not in any way replicate a real fire or the learning outcomes required under AS 3745 - 'Managing Emergencies in Facilities'. This course gives the maximum number of people in workplaces useable skills to manage any emergency whilst causing the least inconvenience to staffing.) 



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