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Fire Safety Audits

Fire Evacuation (F.E.S.) Services provide Fire Safety Audits of outstanding quality that are totally independent. These reports not only have the potential to save clients vast amounts of money but also ensure that clients are not caught out by unethical suppliers leading to their prosecution under the OHS&W Act. The report we generate ensures our clients are fully aware of the true situation regarding their fire protection servicing. Clients need to remember that even though they outsource this work, it is they who will still be accountable for any problems that occur in this area. SafeWorkSA inspectors constantly remind businesses that they can outsource the work but NOT the accountability. Most businesses should undertake a complete audit at least every 5 years.

Our report consists of a two bound copies with digital photographs to illustrate salient points where necessary. It includes not only easy-to-read overview of Australian Standards fire protection servicing requirements but also staff training needs. We can also provide security advice where appropriate from a highly qualified industry expert.

The AS 4655 Level 1 Fire Safety Audit conducted by a qualified and competent FES Services staff member includes an inspection of the worksite in relation to:

  • Access and egress;
  • Exit Signs and emergency lighting;
  • Fire and Smoke Compartmentation;
  • Fire Extinguishers;
  • Fire blankets;
  • Fire Hose Reels;
  • Automatic sprinkler System;
  • Hydrant systems
  • Hydrant and Sprinkler booster systems
  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems;
  • Building Emergency Warning System;
  • Emergency Standby Power Systems ;
  • Emergency Procedures;
  • Staff training requirements
  • General housekeeping issues;
  • Electrical Equipment;
  • Hazardous Materials;

Alternately the report can be tailored to your specific needs 

We can also complement our Fire Safety Audit by preparing, where required, an extraordinary Fire Servicing Tender document and manage the tender process by placing them with a number of ethical providers to obtain a competitive fee structure. Additionally, we can audit service invoices from fire equipment servicing suppliers to ensure their invoices match their tender commitments.




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