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Roof and Height Safety Systems

Safety on roofs is a critical issue for any business to ensure compliance with the requirements for safety of workers.  When a worker is undertaking work 2 metres or over from the ground the Regulations for safe work compliance comes into effect in all States of Australia.

Many serious but avoidable accidents have occured on numerous sites resulting in serious injury and death because those responsible failed to identify their lawful obligations in this area. This has resulted in large fines from Government regulators, costly civil litigation and monetary compensation and damage to the reputation of the business. 

FES Services provide clients with superior cost effective evaluation, design and installation  services for all height safety issues. We also undertake hard point testing and certification. We undertake evaluation of height tasks and supply clients with appropriate safety harnesses for safe work and follow up with on-site 'Safe Working at Heights' training and undertake mandatory 6 monthly inspection and certification of harnesses.

All the products we supply to our clients are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant AS/NZS Standards, OHS Acts and Regulations, Codes of Practice and Guidelines. We undertake a thorough initial inspection of all harnesses supplied to our clients.




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