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School, Kindergarten & Child Care Fire Safety Training

The education sector is unique irrespective of whether it is a Child Care Centre or kindergarten with babies and toddlers, or a school or college with teenagers. There is a huge duty of care issue. This meaans that carers, teacher and administration staff must be prepared to take positive and responsible action as soon as an emergency is identified.

Fire Evacuation Safety Training Pty Ltd are the recognised experts in delivering both theory and practical training applications in the education sector. With our vast experience in this area we are the natural choice for most child care centres, kindergartens and schools that are interested in maximising their effective response in most emergency situations by undertaking regular structured (and enjoyable) training.

If required we can facilitate fire safety and/or fire warden courses with a program designed around your unique site. We include a free fire safety evaluation. We also provide clients with documents that deal with both workplace and home emergency to ensure 24 hour preparation and safety for education sector workers.

We also provide regular Fire Warden training courses in all areas of the State to ensure that education sector workers have access to compliant emergency response training of a high calibre. This training is interesting, sector focused and good fun. We have many of the latest videos and our practical fire fighting training is excellent. These training courses are excellent for kindergarten 'hub' networking opportunities or for school professional development days or for school staff meetings. Most clients find that these courses are best undertaken on a two yearly basis so that staff are not only competent but also confident in their emergency response actions.

We can also provide clients with realistic emergency scenarios so that your evacuation drills are more beneficial following up with full colour bound reports with photographs that focus on the good points we observed as well as issues that may require attention. This then ensures that if a real emergency does occur staff are able to respond in an efficient and professional manner.


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