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Smoke and Fire Detection systems

Smoke and fire detection systems are a vital part of disaster prevention for any organisation so they have to be serviced in an appropriate manner. These systems have to be tested on a monthly basis. A compulsory yearly test of 20% or thermal detectors on each circuit and 50% of smoke detectors on each circuit must also be performed and properly recorded in an approved audit page at the rear of the book. This yearly test comprises at least 75% of the total yearly service cost as it requires 2 people and considerable time. Many organisations have not had this test performed for years leaving them at extreme financial risk if they have a fire. Naturally insurance companies undertake an in depth audit when this occurs. If servicing has not been correctly performed payouts may be significantly reduced or even refused. We supply all paper work to ensure you fully comply. We can also arrange a quarterly meeting to discuss work already performed, work scheduled for the future as well as any additional work recommended to assure your full compliance. In other words we can fully manage this area and provide you with documentation to take away your worries.



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