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Sprinkler systems


Fire sprinkler systems come in many different designs and for many different purposes. Fire sprinkler systems are generally referred to as 'wet systems' due to the constant presence of water in most pipes. However sprinkler systems can also be designed in a dry pipe configuration for use in freezers and also for loading docks where there is a chance of the water freezing in the pipes. Sprinklers can either be serviced weekly or montly depending on the version of the Australian Standard your site is using.

The implementation of an Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems when appropriately designed, fitted and maintained is widely considered the most effective fire suppression measure available. Automatically activated in the event of fire an Automatic Fire Sprinkler System can result in a significant reduction in fire damage, its associated costs and disruption to the daily operation of your business or premises.

Designed, fitted and using the highest quality Viking sprinklers FES Services can install your sprinkler system to meet not only our highest standards, but yours.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems not only protect valuable assets, but most importantly protects lives through the suppression of a fire hazard. When connected to a Fire Indicator Panel an alarm will activate to assist with an orderly evacuation of staff. 

Fire Evacuation Safety Services design your sprinkler system to your specific requirements using only the best materials. Naturally we will work to your time frame and commission the system. We uniquely have our our heavy duty pumper formally owned by the Melbourne Fire Brigade to ensure you sprinkler system is maintained in top condition and in a cost effective manner. 



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