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All services provided by FES Services testing and tagging are fully compliant with AS/NZ 3760:2003 in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment standard. We meet the requirements to perform a ‘leakage’ test on all relevant equipment including three phase appliances.

It is necessary to conduct routine maintenance and testing to ensure the continued safety of electrical equipment in the workplace.

The purpose of testing and tagging RCD equipment is to:

·         to ensure that persons at work are, as far as is reasonably practicable, safe from the risks of injury caused by electricity; and

·         to minimise the risk of injury, electrical shock or fire at a workplace through the use of, or on account of, any electrical installation or electrical plant; and

·         to ensure any electrical work performed on any electrical installation or electrical plant is carried out by a competent person.

Testing intervals

Recommended testing intervals for electrical equipment (regulatory testing requirements)

In factories, workshops, and places of work, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or fabrication test:

·         protectively earthed equipment including extension cords and power boards every 6 months

·         double insulated equipment at least every 12 months.

Testing requires:

·         visual inspection for damage especially to the insulation

·         checking that the electrical insulation is typically above 1 M ohm

·         ensuring that the resistance of the earth is below 1 ohm (where appropriate).

The polarity of the wiring (in items such as extension cords) should also be checked to ensure that the active and neutral wires have not been transposed.

In construction and demolition environments, equipment that passes the test must be suitably tagged, identifying the name of the person or company that performed the test and the due date of the next test under AS 3012 (gazetted Code of Practice).

Tags are non-metallic and non-reusable and colour coded to assist in identifying equipment that is due for inspection. Equipment identified as being faulty during testing is withdrawn from service and clearly marked as faulty until repairs are completed.

Service fees

Our fee for this service is $3.20(+gst) per electrical item tested.

We also supply an electrical register to clients and we retain one on our own record system . Please note this register must be kept by clients for 5 years.

The fee for set up of the initial register is $85.00(+gst) and for subsequent registers is $25.00(+gst)



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