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Flow Testing and Pressure Testing of Hydrants and Hydrant Boosters

FES Services offers a three yearly flow test and six yearly overhaul of fire hydrant systems including flow testing and hydrostatic testing. These are the legislated time frames for when hydrant booster systems are required to be tested and overhauled. The most disadvantaged fire hydrants must have readings recorded:- flow at 200kpa (unassisted 60 litres/minute) flow at 700kpa (assisted 60 litres per/minute) It is imperative that these tests are carried out as required by legislation. When a fire occurs these test records are one of the first things insurance providers require to be produced for inspection. The purpose of this testing procedure is to ensure that the water system in the road outside your premises and inside the hydrants or hydrant booster system in your premises is capable of handling the pressure that a fire service appliance (pumper) will exert on your booster system to suppress a fire at your work site.

Some servicing organisations are still using ‘twin impeller’ pumps and claim that they are 'good enough' for the test. These pumps are not a proper or reliable test of the capability of your booster system to perform under realistic emergency conditions. That is why we own and use a genuine heavy duty fire brigade pumper (see below). We undertake this testing procedure with our pumper to give you an honest and realistic evaluation of your hydrant and / or sprinkler booster system all at a very cost effective fee. We have been called by property owners and external companies to do a follow-up evaluation of a system shortly after another company attended only to show that a proper fire pumper operates at much greater initial pressures.The Australian Standard 2419.1-2005 specifically states that this test must be undertaken by a Fire Brigade appliance.

This will ensure your system will operate at full capability and capacity without any malfunctions should the need arise. Why trust any other system? Incidentally you will also be amazed at our prompt service and how much we can save you for this compulsory testing procedure. This fully operational vehicle is also available for daily or weekly hire for clients who require a fire brigade pumper for standby at hazardous operations.



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